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Dutch Country Animal Rescue
Adopting or Fostering a Pet from DCAR
Thank you for your interest in adopting/fostering a pet from our organization! Its very important to us that each animal placed is a good fit for both the pet and the adopter/foster. We encourage you to research the type of breed you are interested in to make sure you are aware of the specific characteristics of the breed. For instance, some dogs may be very cute but may not make the best pet if you have young children.

In order to be considered, you need to fill out an adoption application.

Please fill out our Online Adoption Application.

If you are considering being a foster, please fill out our Online Foster Application.

To see a list of dogs available for adoption, please visit us on Petfinder.
We also post updates about our available dogs to our Facebook page.

If you cannot commit to adopting or fostering at this time, you can still help out by sponsoring a dog currently in foster care.
Click here to see a list of dogs available for sponsoring.

If you are interested in learning about dogs that we have available for adoption, please email us!

Please note that all dogs available for adoption are neutered/spayed prior to being available for adoption. We will not allow the adoption of unaltered pets through our organization.
Frequently Asked Questions
Where are you located?
We are not a shelter and we do not have a central location. We are a small network of volunteer fosters located in PA, NY, NJ and CA. We transport between locations on a regular basis.
What is your adoption process?
The first step to adopting a dog from DCAR is to fill out our adoption application. Its important to be as specific as possible so that we can help you select a companion that will be the best fit for your family. Once we review your application, we will contact you to set up a home visit. During the home visit we will bring the dog to your home so that we can see how the dog responds to your family members and other pets that you may have.
Can I try out a dog for a couple days?
Because the dogs that we rescue generally have been through a lot of stress, we are looking for serious, committed adopters who will be patient and will help the dog adjust to their new environment. We recognize that not all dogs turn out to be a good fit so we will accept the return of our rescues at any time.
Why do I have to pay an adoption fee?
Rescuing a dog is not cheap. We do not get our dogs for free. Our organization incurs significant expense in rescuing each dog, including costs of commercial flights or other transport methods, spay/neuter and vaccinations. Often times rescues need more extensive urgent medical treatment, costing hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Our adoption fee doesn't typically cover expenses incurred to rescue even one dog, however the fee does enable us to rescue another. We do not receive government funding, so we rely on private donations and the adoption fee to continue our rescue efforts.